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Evit Gabriel

Maybe you’ve already noticed the unusual age spread these brothers display. In fact, though all brothers to someone, only Will and Owen are actually brothers to each other. Jim is their dad and the band happened in the course of raising a family. We have played for contra, square and Irish set dancing since Owen was 15. Today Owen plays with about 6 different bands and is a full time guitarist. Will is an electrical engineer but finds time to drum with a couple of other bands too. Jim fixes computers by day and plays on the porch in the evenings.


21st Century Hoedown (2007) is our latest effort- on sale, now!

Busking at Twilight (2002) was a project of Owen’s during his year between high school and college.

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contact: jim@morsn.com, owen@morsn.com, will@morsn.com
434 295-6854, 1710 Owensville Road, Charlottesville, VA 22901